Persistence and Faith

by Bayu Adi Persada



What you’re seeing now is possibly the hardest journey I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. At least until this photo was taken.

I never expected to be able to reach that summit, the highest one in Java Island. Even to think of it, I couldn’t.

I almost gave up. I injured my ankle, bruised my knee, breathed smoke and sand, and almost passed out because of climax thirst. But I kept going and survived. And thanks to God, you can see me standing beside our national flag at the very top of Mt. Semeru, Mahameru (3663 m above sea level).

Hear this from your old man and not from any motivational book or motivator who doesn’t know you at all. From that experience, I learned two things I always tell you to keep. Persistence and faith. Those two had brought me up there. And I’m sure they will also bring you somewhere. Places you’ve dreamed of or moments you think they’re only in your imagination.

So, whatever challenges you face, persist and don’t lose faith. Keep striving for the value you’ve aimed. Always remember huge things only come after struggle and hard work.

Oh, and I wore our favorite club’s scarf too. A good start to cheer for them in the Champions League final tonight, don’t you think?